Discussion about TEMPO
2019-03-27 09:23
South African tomato moth not allowed in Saint Petersburg
Reducing pesticide use in French vineyards
China's Pesticide Intermediate Industry Overview
(I) Output in creases year by yearChina hasp roduced more than 800 varieties of pesticide intermediates, with a production volume of nearly 4.9 million tons.
What is a pesticide intermediate? What are the common types?
The intermediates are divided into various types, including pharmaceutical intermediates, pesticide intermediates, and so on. Today, Xiao Bian gave you a briefing on what pesticide intermediates are
Pesticide intermediates have great potential
With the approaching of the spring plowing season, demand for pesticides and fertilizers began to increase, prices have risen to varying degrees, increased the operating rate of fertilizer
Herbicide Market Earthquake Pesticide Industry Faces New Test
In recent years, there have been many criticisms from all walks of life in the world regarding the pesticide industry and pesticide products. Some countries even discuss the necessity of pesticides,
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